1. NRF Research Grant Competition 2013

    Title: Delta Networks: Study of Biological Networks under Differential Conditions: Applications to Cancer

    Joint with UAEU, and run with LISM-IFC within CNR and Un Miami, US.

  2. Grant Competition in Oncology, by Istituto Toscano Tumori.

    Title: Improving Therapy for Breast Cancer and Melanoma by Transcriptome-Methylome Profiling, Integrative Network Inference, and Design of Novel Theranostic Tools.

    Participation with IFC-CNR Siena and IFAC-CNR Florence.

  3. Participation in Flag Project CNR on aging (neurodegeneration and sleep disorders)

  4. Grant-based project: Cancer networks (project 3MOONS funded by UAEU-NRF, in collaboration with UAEU and CCS-University of Miami)