Romina D'Aurizio, Research Associate

Romina D'Aurizio is currently Research associate at LISM in Pisa. She studied Mathematics with specialisation on numeric informatics at the University of Siena where she got a PhD in Bioinformatics in 2010.

During the PhD programme she actively collaborated with the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology unit and the Systems Biology unit of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Research Center in Siena.Her main activities were developing computational methods to predict cellular localization of Gram+ and Gram- bacterial proteins and for proteins identification in mass spectrometry experiments. She was involved in comparative analysis studies of row genomes, their normalization and functional annotation to identify proteins interacting with host cell targets. Her skills include also high performance computing to improve scalability and accuracy in the analysis of biological data coming from high-throughput technologies.
As postdoctoral she developed expertise in deep sequencing data analysis for de novo assembly of prokaryotic genomes and variants characterization as foundation for investigating the relationship between genotype and phenotype and comparative studies.